Marketing Strategy & Execution

Lumina Networks is an open source networking startup spun out of Brocade Communications. They package customized open source networking software as reliable enterprise solutions and deliver engineering expertise in OpenDaylight with a strong services department to tailor their deployments to individual customer needs.

Lumina Networks is a VC funded open-source company that launched in 2017. The company originally spun off from Brocade and was bootstrapped by its VP of Strategy and a networking technology serial entrepreneur.

Lumina was in need of a strong marketing partner to lead them into their first round of Series A funding. Silicon Drive was tasked with creating a new brand direction and jumpstarting marketing activity for Q1 in order to create momentum for the year and deliver stronger investor presentations. The result? One of the coolest investment leads in network history.

What we did

  • Brand redesign
  • Virtual CMO
  • Marketing execution
  • Creative services
  • Social media
  • Press & event management
  • Product definition

How it worked

  • 40% increase on overall web traffic across a 90-day track
  • Closed a $10M Series A funding

Event and Field Marketing

Produced trade show presence with over 2000 attendees and 200 invites for private event, followed by over 1200 new marketing qualified leads in 9 months