MotoAmerica is the American Championship series of motorcycle road racing. It’s the only professional motorcycle racing series in North America sanctioned by both governing bodies: the American Motorcycle Association (the AMA) and FIMNA. It’s MotoGP for the Americas.

Founded four years ago with only purist racing goals in mind, MotoAmerica sought marketing direction to help them complete a full redefinition of the series. Silicon Drive was brought in to lead marketing for the 2018 season, design a new creative direction, redesign the events to attract new audiences, promote those events nationwide, and establish a digital audience where there was none before.

In other words, nothing we haven’t done before.

It’s a fact: the motorcycle industry in the US is having an aging crisis. A traditionally exclusiveindustry, priding itself on its independent spirit and ‘loner’ attitude, the space has been experiencing an aging out of its customers for nearly 10 years. Without the dads and uncles who previously introduced young people to riding, the OEMs and dealerships nationwide are feeling a crunch on new, young motorcycle enthusiasts.

What We Did

  • Virtual CMO
  • Brand & Creative Services
  • Marketing Execution
  • Video & Content Production
  • Event Production & Promotion

“We’ve created one of the most exciting racing series in motorsports history, and we’re thrilled to bring Alec Marshall in to help shape it for new audiences and a whole new sports landscape,” said three-time 500cc World Champion and MotoAmerica President Wayne Rainey.

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