The League:
Marketing Strategy & Execution

Wrapped in what can only (and oddly) be described as snarky elegance, this rapidly growing dating app sought marketing and original content strategies that would move it away from its moniker as ‘elistist Tinder’.

Call in a tactical team.

Project Brief

The League is a dating app, founded in 2014 by a Stanford MBA aimed at professionals with acceptance and matches based on LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. The company’s last major fundraising round was in 2015, and the company was reaching an impasse on how to better approach audience growth and customer LTV that needed to be overcome while preparing for several large brand engagements and international launches.

Silicon Drive was engaged as a branding and digital strategist partner tasked with lowering average cost per app installs, redefining key target demographics, identifying new outreach channels as well as modifying existing strategies. We were also engaged to create a new visual language for The League’s digital marketing efforts focused on presenting a new face of the company as they underwent the transition.


  • Lowered CPI by an average of 33%
  • $10 CPM (30% reduction)
  • $5 cost per result
  • 1.7% engagement rate on owned media
  • Produced & promoted launch in Paris (first foreign language launch)


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